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Shaunda Fashion Designer Of Los Angeles

One of the Best streetwear brands in Los Angeles! Shaunda is a self-taught visionary Sewist. While she prefers to focus her expertise in Custom Clothes in Men’s fashion, her creativity provokes developing sporty women’s wear as well.

Constructing each garment by hand, collections are created in the spirit of expression and risk. She has been injecting her designs with fresh ideas that enhance the ego of man to walk like a king.

She has mastered the use of multi-textures while balancing proportions. You may find pieces consisting of deluxe layering, playfully mixed fabrics, contrasting colors and the most distinctive embellished leisurewear.

She could not escape the passion of design as the creative visions would manifest in dreams through the night. She would find herself jumping up urging to sew, thus the name of her label “Devise” “Rise” Apparel. From Minneapolis to now Los Angeles Fashion Designer. NOW PROVIDING GARMENTS FOR PURCHASE AT DEVISE RISE CLOTHING PHYSICAL LOCATION! Located at 3937 tweedy blvd south gate CA 90280.

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Celebrity Designer Shaunda MaloneCEO of devise rise apparel

Shaunda malone of devise rise

devise rise apparel CEO

Celbrity Designer of LA


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