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I see Devise Rise Being recognized internationally for unique, trendsetting designs as well as the overall culture of the company. I want us to stand out from the mannequins in the window, to set men apart from the typical options with the same old designs. That’s where you come in. With your help, funds will be allocated towards production and manufacturing costs necessary to spread Devise.Rise all over the world. With your support, I’d like to integrate more clothing designed for women and teens as well

Best of all, Devise Rise will be designed and manufactured right here in Minnesota. I plan to keep all production MADE IN THE USA!

If you’re not able to donate, but still want to pledge your support, you can help out by posting, tagging, sharing, blogging, tweeting, and forwarding this website to raise awareness about Devise Rise Apparel.  So help me bring these unique, stylish, and versatile designs to the public. Join Devise Rise in becoming a trendsetter today.

Thank you for all of your support ♥