Fashion Trends 2018

Fashion TRENDS 2018!

  1. Sequin seems to have shimmered its shiny way back into our gloomy politics filled world (thank goodness) in our chosen favorite Fashion Trends 2018. This diverse material is being matched with everything possible from elegant shindigs to getting down at the day parties. Big names in fashion TOM FORD  have Rumbled the runway with looks that has everyone wishing to be fashion forward! So whats your ?

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To check out our handmade sequin Gem then click here. EVERY girl needs a mini skirt….right?



Yes you heard us! Plastics are making its recycled way into our closet, well, y’all closet because although I am not here for it, some fashion icons are. Balmain has presented Pieces in this slippery Fashion Trends 2018. Some are using the term “WET-LOOK” Im assuming fabrics that you can easily clean with a wipe from your purse. Nylons, latex, vinyl EVERYTHING Shiny lol

These relevant fabrics can be a bit hot and or sticky, so be sure to grab items that are lined (you’ll thank us later) Or for other, just come out at night when its cooler. Not to worry not only freaks come out at night. lol

Summer fashion trends 2018 wet look clothes

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