Quilted metallic Jacket


Hand crafted white quilted, metallic Jacket. this classy piece is doused in grave detail, from the stitching, beads, trims, lace and ruffles! Ruffled laced with sporadic pearls gracing the neckline for the princess feel, relaxed ruffled surrounding the hand accentuating a beautiful full set of nails.  this can be dressed up with a silk slip dress, or down with crop tank and jeans. this jacket is literally what you make it! Do it justice!



Quilted Metallic jacket

  • Two tone Ribbed Knit waist
  • Ruffled Lace cuffs
  • Bradot style neckline
  • Relaxed fit
  • Separating zipper closure
  • Hand made/decorated
  • beaded trim
  • lace trim
  • metallic trim
  • Sewn on Bunny rabbit

1 Size Fits most

dry clean only

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